offset your business's carbon footprint

Global Carbon Trax now offers businesses the opportunity to become leaders in their field through environmental corporate responsibility. Global Warming is the most high profile environmental issue at present. It is an issue that no decision maker should ignore. Becoming CarbonNeutralSM is not only a measure of corporate responsibility, it is also an opportunity to build on your existing environmental policy through a valuable partnership, focused on adding value to your clients and employees.

carbon credit matching

We fully understand the carbon credit market. This means that we can source carbon credits that best fit your business's individual needs.


CarbonNeutralSM is a certification that means your green house gases have been offset.
  • Your business has completed comprehensive yearly greenhouse gas emissions auditing.
  • Your business is zero net greenhouse gas emissions through offsetting with fully certified carbon credits.
  • Your business has made a long-term commitment to reducing its initial carbon footprint.