about us

Our beliefs and process are defined with the acronym C.P.R.


Global Carbon Trax (or GCT) is dedicated to producing earth friendly power sources. We believe in using proven current technology, wind, bio fuels, Geothermal while providing funds to scientist and innovative entrepreneurs to help reduce our carbon signature and create positive impacts an our air quality.

Even today some people still hang on to the belief that the climate is not changing. GCT works proactively to reduce our need for carbon based fuels.

Only by our actions will we be able to protect our world from over heating beyond a level of which is environmentally catastrophic.Governments have proven to be ineffective in their ability to create the means for positive out come. Therefore it is up to us as energy consumers to build our own low carbon world.


Some will argue that Preserving forest prairies and wetlands has no effect on reducing carbon because these things are already there. While this is true it is only true if it stays in its current condition. With today developments there is less and less green space preserved as part of the tract. This being stated, what if with your help, we are able to preserve entire areas so that their mature Eco Systems which as we know lower green house gasses better than new systems or a nice manicured lawn, doing this is critically important to keep these lands as natures natural C02 remover.


We have become a planet of over 6 billion people. We are growing; we share this world with millions of species of animals and plants but who knew that we were capable of changing our world for the worse. Most of us believe we have. That being said, most scientist say we can reverse most if not all of the Damage mistakes not by giving up everything we enjoy but by changing how we enjoy it. One important way we can do this is by restoring that which was lost. We can't bring back the passenger pigeon or the dodo bird. Sadly they are gone. We however can work to restore habitats for which we still have the plants and animals with us today. An old growth forest only becomes old because we let them. By using current technology we can bring about the restoration of critical habitats, which - according to science - also removed massive quantities of carbon from the air while providing habitat critical for many of our threatened species. With your help GCT is working to restore many of our vanishing natural areas thus reducing our carbon footprint and restoring habitat vital to the creatures that share our world.