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Our use of fossil fuels is changing the climate therefore we all must work together to reduce our impact on the earth's climate. GLOBAL CARBON TRAX makes it simple for anyone, or any organization, to reduce and offset their carbon emissions. How does it work? Follow these simple steps that take you through the process:

Step 1. reduce your emissions

The first step is to reduce your carbon emissions wherever possible. There is much cost-effective energy saving and carbon-reducing opportunities anyone can take. To learn more, see our Save Energy section.

Step 2. offset what you can't reduce

Use the calculator to figure out what your carbon footprint is. If you don’t see what you need, or have a special footprint for a special event or business, click here to contact us.

Global Carbon Trax Offsets Your Carbon Footprint. Carbon Trax is dedicated to making real reductions by using proven methods in alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, wind and geo-thermal and methane. We are also focused on preserving land area from development and restoring woodland, prairie and wetlands., all of which aid in the consumption of carbon emissions.

It's that simple. Our goal is to invest part of every offset sold to research, restoration and preservation.