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landfill reclamation

Landfill reclamation is conducted in a number of ways, with the specific approach based on project goals and objectives and site-specific characteristics. The equipment used for reclamation projects is adapted primarily from technologies already in use in the mining industry, as well as in construction and other solid waste management operations.

In general, landfill reclamation follows these steps:
  1. Excavation
  2. Soil Separation (Screening)
  3. Processing for Reclamation of Recyclable Material or Disposal


Some will argue that preserving forest prairies and wetlands has no effect on reducing carbon because these things are already there. While this is true it is only true if it stays in its current condition. With today developments there is less and less green space preserved as part of the tract. This being stated, what if with your help, we are able to preserve entire areas so that their mature Eco Systems which as we know lower green house gasses better than new systems or a nice manicured lawn, doing this is critically important to keep these lands as natures natural C02 remover.