about us - conservation

Global Carbon Trax believes in the best use of our natural resources. By preserving and restoring certain fragile forest prairies and wetlands. Global Carbon Trax and our customers are doing a great service to our environment. Not only are we helping to reduce green house gasses, but we are also repairing lands which would be better suited to their natural state than to agriculture industry or housing, many areas which were thought to be good for farming are in fact better left in the natural state or to return to their original state.

Lands preserved or restored reduce the possibility of wind and water erosion thus reducing run off that pollute the world's lakes, rivers and streams. Wetlands, which are nature's natural water filters, also provide critical habitat for wildlife. Cattails and reed wetlands are excellent carbon sequestering eco systems. No one ecosystem is more important than another it is the diversity of our planets eco systems that creates its balance and make the diversity of life possible to not only survive but to thrive. Only thought the best use of our planets resources wills people's interactions with the rest of the earth's creatures remain in balance.